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High Q Capacitors, Broadband Capacitors and Non-Magnetic Capacitors for the MRI Medical Applications. Read more »

AC Power Analyzers that compete against Yokagawa Instruments. They have a unique Dual Path capability. Read more »

Siglent for Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, DMMís, Function/Arb Generators, and small Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies.

There are two NEW Spectrum Analyzer models:

SSA3021X (9 KHz Ė 2 GHz): $1595

TG (Tracking generator adds $165

SSA3032X (9 KHz Ė 3.2 GHz): $3295

TG (tracking generator) adds $165. There is an option for EMI measurements ($559), advanced measurement option ($465), and Reflectometer measurement kit (VSWR measurements) ($429). In addition, various cables, a near field probe set (useful for EMI troubleshooting), adapter kit, etc. are available. When compared to Rigolís popular DSA815_TG spectrum analyzer, the new SSA3021X-Tg offers advantages such as:

  • 10 Hz RBW vs 100 Hz on the 815*
  • Lower phase noise*
  • More sensitive (lower noise floor, DANL)*
  • Better amplitude accuracy*
  • Wider frequency range
  • Lower third-order intercept point)
  • Larger display